Star Wars Pinball Machine

In celebration of Star Wars 40 year anniversary, this pinball will take players to a time long ago, in a galaxy far far away. Players will be immersed in the dynamic and challenging Star Wars pinball universe as they battle the Evil Empire to restore justice to the Galaxy. With breathtaking artwork, this machine is a fitting tribute to one of the most beloved franchises of all time. Unique features include 2 LCD screens on the playfield directly in the players view showing player status and as many as 400 Star Wars video scenes.

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Star Wars Pro
• Molded static Death Star toy lights up for explosion simulation and includes 9 green Super Laser Weapon LED’s
• Interactive 3-1/4″ molded TIE Fighter bash toy rocks and reacts to every ball strike
• 5-Bank of FORCE Mechanical Action Drop Targets
• 6 narrow 1/2″ TIE Fighter stand up targets
• 3 standard 1″ stand up targets at center playfield
• Super Speed Loop whips the ball into a frenzy for some of the highest ball speeds in all of pinball
• Tatooine Scoop holds and ejects balls onto the flippers
• Pop Bumper array using 2 Pops and 1 Sling
• 2 Slings in traditional Pop Bumper area
• 16 Missions, 1 Wizard Mode with 9 distinct Multiball Modes deliver incredible depth and breadth of play
• Dual Up-Post and Single Up-Post captures ball for Missions and more
• Player selectable shot multiplier that moves a lit arrow to any of 7 major shot positions
• Player chooses character selection for specific mission engagement
• Player selectable skill shot award
• TIE Fighter LCD video assault mode engages players to rapidly pound the action button
• Multifunction RGB Action Button
• Escape Feature on the right drain lane saves a draining ball when lit
• Stereo Hi-Fidelity sound system with 3 channel amplifier
• Separate treble and bass adjustment
• New CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
• Up to 6 balls can be in play simultaneously
• Traditional Coin Door

• Stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier and separate treble and bass adjustment

Star Wars Premium
• Premium exclusive theme Full Color High Definition cabinet art
• Premium model original themed translite featuring hand-drawn art
• Premium model features hand-drawn exclusive plastics art
• Interactive molded Exploding Death Star with 9 LED Super Laser Array and internal illumination LED’s
• Interactive Magnetic Hyperdrive Ball Accelerator speeds multiple balls furiously around a circuit above the playfield
• 5″ molded Millennium Falcon Toy with LED lighting
• 2 Stainless steel high speed ramps
• Chrome wireform ramp exits and chrome Hyperdrive wireform circuit
• Laser-cut Hyperdrive Diverter delivers accelerated balls to main playfield surface
• Laser-cut Jump Ramp raises from under the playfield to launch balls into the Death Star and Hyperdrive Accelerator
• Laser-etched “May The Force Be With You” Electric Gate in right drain lane saves the ball in play when lit
• 5 RGB LED’s mounted inside Exploding Death Star, plus 9 Green LED’s light Super Laser Weapon
• 5 High Powered Reflector Flash Lamps illuminate Death Star, TIE Fighter, playfield, and jump ramp
• Powder coated steel bottom arch
• All new EZ Slide cabinet brackets for smooth and easy playfield access

Star Wars LE
• Production limited to 800 machines
• Certificate of Authenticy signed by Gary Stern
• Designer Autographed collectible featuring Steve Ritchie’s signature
• Powder coated gloss black designer laser-cut side armor
• Serialized number plate
• Limited Edition exclusive theme Full Color High Definition decal material cabinet art
• Limited Edition model original themed translite featuring hand-drawn art
• Limited Edition includes all 3 original themed translites featuring hand-drawn art
• Limited Edition model feature hand-drawn exclusive plastics art
• Powder coated gloss black side armor, hinges and front lockdown molding
• Laser cut powder coated gloss black side armor