Star Trek Vault Pinball

Inspired by the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness films. Players become Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise, embarking on a journey to defend the planets of the Federation and defeat the evil USS Vengence. Players will take on the villainous Khan and also battle Nero, Klingons and the Narada.

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Star Trek Pro
• Star Trek “Starfleet” Pro Translite
• Unique Star Trek “Starfleet” Pro Hi-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
• USS Vengeance” Custom-Molded Animated Ship Model
• Single Drop Target Protects “USS Vengeance” with Memory and Reset
• Magnetic Ball Lock behind single “USS Vengeance” Drop Target can hold Multiple Balls
• “USS Vengeance” Disintegrator, Super-Speed Ball Kicker Protects Ship & Fires Balls
• All LED Playfield G.I. and Control Lamps
• 7 Tri-Colored LED Star Trek Shield Emblem Custom Molded Inserts
• LED Flashers throughout Playfield
• 3 Flippers–1 Left and 2 right
• 18 Mission Game Progression
• Captain’s Chair Wizard Modes
• Fire Button and Laser-Cut Fire Button Plate, Powder Coated in Starfleet Blue
• Phaser and Photon Torpedo Feature Controlled By Top-Mounted Fire Button
• Super Flash Spinning Target with Holographic Motion

Star Trek Vault Premium
• Star Trek “USS Vengeance” Premium Translite
• Unique Star Trek “Vengeance” Premium Hi-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
• Premium Features “Laser” Red Side Armor and Legs Complimenting Cabins Battle Scene
• USS Vengeance” Custom-Molded Animated Ship Model with Crash Effect
• Over 60 Controlled Tri-Color LEDs on Playfield with Clear Inserts
• Color LED General Illumination Strings In Red, White and Blue
• Warp Ramp LED Chase Lights
• Backbox Flashers Behind Backglass (4)
• Animated Playfield Laser Starfield Projector
• Warp Core Resonator Shaker Motor
• Brushed Stainless Steel Speaker Panel with Laser Cut Emblems & Grills
• Lit “USS Enterprise” Custom-Molded Model Mounted on Playfield
• 2 Playfield-Mounted Custom-Molded Asteroids with LED Flashers
• Chrome Wireform Flipper Return Lane Tubes
• Deluxe Lock Down Bar