Jurassic Park Pinball Machine

In Jurassic Park players are transported to Isla Nublar, an island amusement park where escaped dinosaurs are on the loose. Your mission is to battle Raptors and the mighty T. Rex while trying to rescue park staff and recapture the escaped dinosaurs. An action-packed adventure filled pinball with twists and turns. Designed to be easy to play but challenging to master.

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Jurassic Park Pro

• Exclusive Jurassic Park full color high definition translite backglass
• Hand-drawn decal cabinet artwork
• Molded T- Rex
• Butyrate raptor pen and target
• Butyrate helicopter blade (static)
• 3 up-posts
• Spinning kinetic newton ball Jungle Explorer Vehicle
• Butyrate and wire electric fence
• Right shooter lane half-pipe steel & wire ramp (Heliport)
• Right spiral steel & wire ramp feeding upper flipper – Pteranodon
• Left T-Rex ramp
• Left Raptor tower half-pipe steel & wire ramp
• Spitter spinning target
• 3 flippers
• 3 pop bumpers
• 3 spell out rules
• Playfield paddock map and inserts for player to traverse, culminating in 3 mini jackpots and a super jackpot
• Incredible rendered LCD graphic scenes
• 4 multiballs ranging from 3 to 6 balls
• Stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier
• Separate treble and bass adjustment
• CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
• Fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs

Jurassic Park Premium

• Premium Raptor theme full color high definition translite backglass
• Premium cabinet decal with hand-drawn artwork
• Animatronic articulated moving ball eating, ball throwing T-Rex
• Motorized up/down target guarding the Raptor pen
• Kinetic lunging raptor and target
• Horizontal helicopter blade spinner
• 4 up-posts (left return lane, left control room, orbit to divert into pop bumpers, Raptor pen)
• Mosquito in amber pop bumper caps
• Powder coated steel bottom arch

Jurassic Park Limited Edition

• Production limited to 500 machines
• Certificate of Authenticity signed by Gary Stern
• Designer Autographed collectible featuring signature by game designer Keith Elwin
• Serialized number plate
• Limited Edition illuminated mirrored backglass with stunning and distinctive high definition hand-drawn art
• Limited Edition exclusive Midnight Battle theme full color high definition decal cabinet hand-drawn artwork
• Limited Edition exclusive inside art blades
• Upgraded high definition speaker system with 3-channel amplifier
• High definition anti-reflection pinball glass
• Shaker motor
• Metallic hunter green high gloss powder coated armor and legs