Guardians Of The Galaxy

Join Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot in the galactic pinball battle against Ronan to stop him from using the Infinity Stone to destroy the galaxy. Features HD video snippets from the original film and music including “Hooked on a Feeling” 1973 – Blue Swede, “Cherry Bomb” 1976 – The Runaways and “I want you back” by the Jackson 5 1969.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
• Groot bash toy with motorized jaw
• Groot 4 ball lock mechanism
• Rocket figurine (static)
• Orb toy (static) in open position with illuminated Infinity stone
• Drop target with trip coil virtual ball lock
• One playfield magnet in the middle of the playfield to divert balls and create multiball chaos
• Guardians of the Galaxy bar target
• 2 Control gate divert mechanisms at top lanes
• 3 Pop Bumper
• 5 Hadron Enforcer & 2 Groot stand-up targets
• 2 Flippers
• Two high-speed ramps that extend through the backpanel
• 4 Flashing LED ramp mini mars domes
• Ball scoop kickback
• Illuminated vertical feature-billboard
• General illumination LED lighting (white)
• Stereo High-Fidelity sound system with 3 channel amplifier
• Separate treble and bass adjustment
• CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
• 6 Balls
• Ball shooter with auto launch feature
• Traditional Coin Door

Guardians of the Galaxy Premium
• Premium exclusive theme Full Color High Definition decal cabinet art
• Premium model original themed translite
• Custom molded Groot arms
• Rocket figurine with coil assisted gunfire recoil
• Motorized Orb mechanism opens and closes to reveal the illuminated Infinity Stone
• Three playfield magnets in the middle of the playfield to divert balls and create multiball chaos
• 3 RGB LED multicolor pop bumpers
• 2 Spinners
• All new EZ Slide cabinet brackets for smooth and easy playfield access
• Powder-coated steel bottom arch
• Powder-coated black wrinkle finish legs, side armor, hinges and front lockdown molding

Guardians of the Galaxy LE
• Production limited to 600 machines
• Certificate of Authenticy signed by Gary Stern
• Autographed by game designer John Borg
• Serialized number plate
• Limited Edition exclusive theme Full Color High Definition cabinet art
• Limited Edition original themed mirrored and screened artwork on glass
• Out of this World art blades