Elton John Pinball

The Elton John Pinball machine takes players on a pinball journey inspired by his illustrious musical career. Players have a front row seat to his legendary performances, iconic songs and dazzling stage presence. It incorporates 16 full-length studio tracks delivered through a 120-Watt, 2.1 stereo sound system. There are custom animations and exclusive video footage of Elton’s live concerts and a call out by Elton John himself.

Elton John Pinball Machine Collector's Edition

• ‘SUPERSTAR’ Topper with Dual 10″ LCD Screens & Interactive Laser Lightshow
• Golden Metallic Laser-Cut Armor
• Sparkle RadCals with Exclusive CE Art Package by John Youssi & JP De Win
• Sparkle Playfield with Exclusive ‘Baseball’ Elton
• Mirrored Backglass
• 1,570 Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
• Interactive Cabinet Light Show with 260+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
• Exclusive Collector’s Edition Art Blades
• Sparkle Bottom Arch
• Laser-Cut Action Button Plate
• Designer Steve Ritchie Signature Card
• Individually Numbered Golden Plaque
• Limited to 1,000 units

Elton John Pinball Platinum Edition
Price: $12,000
• Dual Layer Acrylic LED Topper
• Platinum Metallic Armor
• Sparkle RadCals with Exclusive Art Package by Christopher Franchi
• Exclusive Platinum Edition Art Blades
• 1,294+ Individually Controllable RGB LEDs
• Individually Numbered Platinum Edition Plaque

• Custom Speech by Elton John
• 16 Elton John Studio Master Tracks
• Piano-Playing Interactive Elton John Sculpture
• Rocket Sculpture with LED Flames
• ‘Tiny Dancer’ Motorized Sculpture
• ‘Crocodile Rock’ Physical Lock Sculpture
• Grand Piano 3-Ball Lock with Diverter
• 14 Multi-LED Star Inserts
• Micro LED Piano Marquee
• ‘Rocket Man’ Ball Launcher and LED Lit Ramp
• 3 Supercharged Flippers
• RGB LED Action Button for Selecting Songs
• ‘Rocka-Box’ 3-Bank Drop Target
• ‘Rocket Man’ Drop Target
• 2 Dynamic Kickbacks
• 3 Multi-LED ‘Bennie and the Jets’ Bumpers
• 2 Rapid Spinner Targets
• E-Ticket Up-Kicker
• Founder Jack Guarnieri Signature Card
• Removable Magnetic Rule & Pricing Cards
• Heavy Duty Playfield Magnet
• Wardrobe Up-Post
• 6-Ball Trough
• Coil-Driven Knocker